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Joseph Lobacki

Joseph Lobacki has served on the Board of Directors of Venn Therapeutics since 2017. Currently the CEO of Artax Biopharma, he also serves on the Board of Directors for Experience Sutro Biopharma, Inc.


Mr. Lobacki’s career spans 30+ years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. He has an impressive track record of consistently delivering shareholder value while managing large and complex pharmaceutical divisions. Notably, Mr. Lobacki was the Chief Commercial Officer at Medivation prior to its $14B acquisition by Pfizer in 2016. He was also the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Genzyme’s transplant and oncology division, prior to its $20B acquisition by Sanofi in 2011.


Mr. Lobacki holds undergraduate degrees in biology from Boston College and in pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.

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